Charming hotel with a history

Hotel Bryghia - History

Bryghia Hotel, its building located in part of the original "Domus Osterlingorum" or “House Of The Orientals”, has always been a very important part of Bruges' history.

Built during the Middle Ages between 1478 and 1481 it was the most significant of 4 trading houses of the German Hanseatic League.
Due to changing circumstances Bruges started to lose prominence as a trading city which eventually led to the merchants moving out of the city around 1500 with only the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire hanging above the doorway as a reminder of its rich past.

Eventually in 1965, after several centuries of uneventful existence, the building was restored and turned into the hotel which led to a new exciting chapter in its history.

In 2018 the property and the hotel were acquired by the Vanrenterghem family whose long-term refurbishment programme aims to restore the hotel to its former glory in the next decade to come.

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